Anime | Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki

Japanese/Other title: 弱キャラ友崎くん/ Jaku-kyara Tomozaki-kun {Jan-Mar 2021}
[12 episodes; School, Romance, Drama]

It’s been quite a while that I get to watch the latest anime that just ended its series this month. I was having quite good hopes in this anime since I think it has a good storyline, but instead left feeling disappointed by it. The story is about Tomozaki, the main character who gives up living a ‘normal’ high school life and rather spend time being a top player (named nanashi) playing Attack Families, a game which he sees as being godly and perfect compared to the real world. Yet one fine day, a 2nd-ranking player called NO NAME decided to ask Tomozaki out in order to find out who this top player is, in which to her surprise, Hinami couldn’t believe it’s her classmate Tomozaki-kun and was quite disappointed about it. After Himani gets to understand about Tomozaki’s mindset through their conversation, she decided to help him change his miserable life and lead a life like hers, by treating real life as a form of game too. As you can see, it’s mainly about a character transformation from bad to good so it made me feel hopeful initially. But I’m equally feeling miserable after watching how the ending turns out. Come on! Where’s the ending??!

Most of the time we see Hinami setting goals for Tomozaki to achieve and correcting him in terms of his appearance, expression and posture and even teaching him how to start and continue a conversation. She seems to be a really good lecturer about self development as a top student herself, excelling in everything she does be it studies, sports or social life. Throughout the episodes, Hinami would ask Tomozaki to treat each tasks just like what he would do in a game to increase his XP. So she would go as far as getting him to date a girl and suggest places to go during group gatherings. Sometimes he passed, sometimes he failed. To me, Tomozaki is complicating things and have been seeing them as impossible because he felt that doing so is faking persona and fulfill somewhat ‘undesirable’ expectations for him. I just think he doesn’t like to do anything and is too used to not doing anything that he felt the change in him is getting overwhelming. The change in him was good since his younger sister was shocked yet happy when he looked better and happier after seeing him with a social life (by calling friends over to his house). How can having social life and excelling in everything be a bad thing and calling Hinami for being fake?? Damn I would love to be her being loved by everyone and achieving so much in her life at that age. She worked hard for everything herself with her efforts so how dare you make such a rude remark! 😠 The only thing I would be concerned of is whether she can keep maintaining her standard in terms of grades and performance because it would be stressful in addition to others’ expectations of her. But some people can handle stress pretty well and so there is not much to worry about since she doesn’t seem to look stressed at all. 😅 Aww, that made me envy her even more. lol.

The best part of the anime is watching Minami struggles to be the top too as she is always behind Hinami in studies and sports. It’s a complicated feeling for her having a friend as a competitor that she would want to win and get ahead of. But yet Minami has to surrender because Hinami works even harder than anyone else to achieve her goals while Minami’s tolerance level just couldn’t be of match to hers! At least Minami thinks through and get over the fact that Hinami does deserves to be the top. The emotions here is well done, and that’s probably the only part that gets into me.

The unimpressive part would be that there is no positive outcome from this guy Tomozaki. He dated Kikuchi but he didn’t confess and be in a relationship with her, although I think he did want being in a relationship, just that he was afraid how it would turn out. The group had an overnight camp in trying to bring Izumi and Nakamura together but it failed as they still didn’t became a couple. The ending is all about Tomozaki refuting Hinami’s ideas just because he can win her in Tackfam game. It’s ridiculous. She won you in all aspects of life but you only win her for one. Just ONE. That doesn’t make you a king, dude. And being second in a game is already very impressive to me, especially for a girl. If she can juggle everything so well, you are in no position to rebut her claims that you have true desires in life because you know what you want and therefore you can win her in the game. Who cares about your useless desires that benefit nobody including yourself? 🙄 Unless you can become a professional gamer and winning the top prize I would take my hat off you but I won’t! Because you didn’t prove anything of your worthiness even as a top winner of the game! Your life is miserable and no one knows you! It doesn’t prove anything for just ONE ordinary game! 😒

In fact I rather Hinami just broke off friendship with him and leave him to rot since he still stick to his stupid ideas. What’s the point of letting him be while continuing giving him missions? What the heck does he want? The ending is just empty, nothing more from that on. I don’t know why am I watching a transformation that didn’t transform properly and wanna stop halfway. What’s the point? He doesn’t deserve the help that Hinami spends her time and effort to get him be a better person. He didn’t become better. He became more annoying. And I guess he’ll probably continue to be bottom-tier because that is who he is.
(Psst, I don’t care for a second season. It doesn’t need one imo.)

My rating: 5/10

Would I recommend?: Not so.


  1. Interesting. Translation: Hinami should be the Queen bee and Tomozaki should know his place.

    I think he did transform, in his own way, sure he had nudges from Hinami. That doesn’t mean he didn’t try. In fact he did, in comparison to the very start of where he didn’t even attempt.

    I think the issue you’re having is his philosophy is changing to that of Hinami’s. You can only hand hold so much. It quite amusing to see Tomozaki getting one over Hinami, even if it’s at a game.

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    1. Sure he did try, but only because Hinami’s reasoning convinced him at first. But later he still stick to his thoughts and don’t agree with Hinami (which is like back to square one) and they had to argue about it again. I just feel it’s absurd for him to overthink instead of living his high school life and wrapped in his own sorrows. He’s still of no match for Hinami as she did everything based on her efforts even though he ONLY wins her in a game. He only has to give in his best to ONE game while she gives in effort in all aspects of her life. He doesn’t deserve Hinami’s help if he’s being unappreciative. Obviously he did became happier than being an outcast and alone. He probably needs a psychiatrist more than a helpful friend who guides him along without any return. I’m sorry but I feel it’s a bad transformation and totally not what I expect from this show. And now I probably shouldn’t have take this anime too seriously either lol.

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  2. Even if his doubts / pessimistic attitude kicks in, he still didn’t fallback in to his old ways. Just because they did argue about it again, doesn’t mean it went back to square one. Him not even trying to change is. Wasn’t he already though? living his solitary existence, until Hinami asked to meet up. Obviously, since she had a head start. You’re forgetting that if he wants to match her, he has to put in an insane amount of effort in all aspects ie rebuild from ground up. She clearly wants to beat him at the game, you can’t win them all.

    Wait what lol, let me get this straight. So you’re annoyed that Tomazaki didn’t go for Hinami, despite Fuka having a thing for him even before Hinami’s involvement. Completely ignoring the two aren’t attracted to each other. Even when Hinami is actively pushing Toma and Fuka. That makes Tomazaki unappreciative and needs a psychiatrist, what lol.

    I think that’s exactly what it boils down to, your expectation. Personally I think it’s a decent transformation show, one where ppl can relate to or understand. I get it Kamie, that you want hard work to be valued. Sometimes it never goes the way you want it to. And I think that is what the underlying message is.

    Pretty fun disagreeing with you Kamie 😁😁😃



    1. Aww man, my main point in getting annoyed with that guy is that he stopped and doubted halfway through his transformation even when it has all been positive for him! Look at him when he’s in doubt, he looks listless and unmotivated compared to the process when he looks good and happy when talking to his classmates and helping them along (eg.Yuzu and Minami). I’m not being sarcastic to say that he needs professional help since we aren’t taught about mental health in schools we don’t know how to be aware and take care of it. I don’t get why he views the world so negatively at that young age, unless he experienced some mishaps in middle school. It’s usually the experienced that we faced that would shape our thoughts. Assuming nothing bad happened to him before high school (since the anime did not mention it), then there must be something off with his thought process. The environment he is in is not negative and his classmates did not mock at him (whether before and after his change) nor bully him, yet he is messing with his own mind. He thinks it’s useless to do anything in life but clearly Hinami is already an example that hard work would paid off and you will be useless for not doing anything instead! It’s a pity because youth is precious and if not for Hinami he would not have seen other traits about himself.

      And Nonono!! You’ve have mistaken about me trying to make him and Hinami a couple – no way! I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how I see them being together. He could be in relationship with Fuka since the both of them were quite keen in each other. It’s surprising because Japanese youths wanna be in a relationship at that age, yet he chose to hold back. From what I see it’s too much for him to handle because Hinami keeps giving him tasks and he probably is just not used to it. Although at the end he did give a chance to receive missions but he’s still of the attitude like “I’m the boss here and if it doesn’t work this would prove you wrong.” Why the doubts when everything has been positive? It’s obvious that he actually scared of change.

      Yeah no doubt this anime didn’t meet my expectations, hence my low rating for it. I watch shows to be entertained, to see a proper and good ending to feel satisfied during my leisure time. I don’t want to watch a show that leaves me with dissatisfaction or anger. I’ve got too much of those from watching real life movies and dramas, so that’s the least I would expect from an anime. If I would have known I’ll rather watch comedies instead (as you can see I watched quite a lot from that genre). It’s supposedly a romance anime but sadly none has blossomed. What a bummer lol.



    1. haha that’s okay. It’s the first time we get to talk a lot! I don’t mind a disagreement so long as we’re having a healthy debate. I just hope we don’t fall out because of an anime, that would be a pity. 😆



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