Anime | Deaimon

Japanese/Other title: であいもん {Apr-June 2022}
[12 episodes; Slice of life, Family, Kyoto kansai-ben]

The only good thing that happened in June for me is probably to chance upon this anime. 😄 Slice of life has always been my favourite kind of genre. I’m so glad that at least there is something to cheer me up while I was feeling uncomfortable. I love everything about this anime, from every character to the storyline. Nagomu returned to his Kyoto home after getting informed that his dad was hospitalised and he was needed to take over the shop. Although it was a lie in order to make him return, Nagomu was already touched upon eating the wagashi that was sent to him and so he was determined to go home. After all, he had already chased his music dream of becoming a band member in Tokyo and had no regrets (even though they didn’t get famous and rich).

What surprised him would be the appearance of Itsuka who lived in his parents home after Itsuka’s father left her to them. Later it was obvious for us to realise that Itsuka’s dad was none other than Nagomu’s senior who’s the one that first inspired him to play the guitar! Fortunately, everyone in Ryokushou love Itsuka and even Nagomu’s dad wanted her to inherit the store. Although in the beginning, Itsuka does not like Nagomu that much and was determined to fight with Nagomu to take over the shop, they got closer gradually and Nagomu ended up as a father figure to her. It’s so cute to see how Nagomu not minding strangers mistaking her as his daughter. He was such a kind yet clumsy guy. 😂 I love his character, for that he is such a simple and honest guy. Even Mitsuru like him although she did not dare to confess! The only thing that is a pity is that he was no longer in a relationship with Kanoko who also came to Kyoto and ended up living there too.

I guess if I’m Kanoko I will also fall in love with this guy lol. The only thing that irks me is that both of them assumed that the other party was the one who wanted a breakup, which is why they ended up awkward when they first bumped into each other. Kanoko treated Nagomu’s decision to go back to Kyoto as the meaning of breakup, while Nagomu treated Kanoko’s departure from their apartment first as a breakup. Seriously? They both should have communicated well instead of assuming. They are in their 30s and I would expect them to have talked this out while in Kyoto. Else I think Mitsuru would have a chance. But hey, the main focus is not on romantic relationships but the supposedly father-daughter relation. 😅

I love how other supporting characters have their stories mentioned. It was funny in every episode. The only thing that bothers me is that Nagomu’s dad has been way too harsh on his son. The ending left us a little hanging in midair as they celebrated Itsuka’s birthday while Itsuka’s dad did not appear on this day. Even Itsuka’s mum attempted to take Itsuka back with her, but she rejected and rather continue living with Nagomu’s parents. One of the best thing is also to learn about each wagashi in the store that has story/meaning behind it. Too bad that wagashi is so limited to Japan especially those special ones. I guess I can only appreciate the nice looking confectionery desserts on the screen but it did remind me of Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori for that it was focused more on the wagashi/food than in this anime. Overall, I really enjoyed light-hearted animes like this. 💗

My rating: 10/10 ♥️

Would I recommend?: Yes a very good happy show

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